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Meningitis Now
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My son got meningitis when he was 3months old i was seconds away from loosing him. He is 5 now and has always struggled with anger problems

But it now seems to be getting worse. He gets so cross he will kick a wall throw something hit me none stop. He is the sweetest kid and kind when he is not cross. I really need some advice could this be from the meningitis is there anyway i can help him.

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There are lots of reasons that could be why your son is behaving in this way and it may be a combination of things. Whatever the cause it is the advice to manage it so that his anger can be 'nipped in the bud' and de-fused rather than escalating into his physical attacks on you that is important. As he gets older and stronger this is going to get more problematic. Have you spoken to a health visitor or school nurse? However, I would suggest you speak to your GP about a Paediatric referral for assessment of his behaviour. Good luck and best wishes.


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