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Neo-natal viral meningitis - after affects?

Our little girl had viral meningitis at 10 days old, her MRI showed changes to her brain that likely mean some kind of cognitive and/or motor development issues or delay. She is now 5 weeks old but the after effects won't be clear until we notice them or diagnosed by doctors at her development check ups. Does anyone know what these are likely to be and if there is anything we can do to help assist her development at this stage? Thanks

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My sons MRI showed he had a bleed to the right half of his brain which had damaged nearly all of that side. The prognosis for his development was not hopeful. The good news is that because he was only 3 weeks of age but not full term gestation the brain at this stage is pliable and the signals can reroute as it were. My son does have mild hemiplegia which is cerebral palsy but is fully mobile. He will do entry level GCSEs etc. Dont worry too much about the scan more the development of the child. Good luck with it all.


Hi, big hug to u, my daughter had neonatal entervirus mingitis a week after birth. It took her about 4 months to get over the letargy. We never gor an mri, just a brain ultrasound which showed no damage. However there might have been at deeper level as ultrasound not that reliable. Good news is that at 13 months she seems totally fine. Even more adanced than her age! She walked at 10 months and hit all the mileatones! We were told that generally babies recover very well. However i won t feel out of the woods until she s talking. I was so scared, those were some horrible have all my sympathy. Ask anything...i could not find many infos on the after acute phase...and doctors were not helpful!


Hi there- hope you're ok- I can definitely relate. Our son had viral meningitis at 4 weeks old. The drs here in Australia all said not to worry and that they would expect a full recovery with VM (google said otherwise!). We were not offered an MRI. Our son is now 1 and appears to be thriving- hitting all the milestones as expected. I can't help but wonder if we will see any after effects down the track but the paediatrician has said to forget about it! Hard when different msgs are around. Anyway- best of luck-


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