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Hi my name is Kate i'm a mum of 6 i have mental health problems i state this as when you finishing reading this your understand is it after effects or is it mental illness thats passed thru genes.

My son was 5 months old i woke up and he was extremly hot he had a all in one vest on, i brought him downstairs as he was crying i knew something was not right i changed him and tried to give him a feed just to rule out being hungry he imediatly threw up at is point he was getting hotter and his lips were a purply colour so i rang a ambulance and off to hospital we went.

When at hospital i noticed little rash on the back of his neck little pin prick purple dots not a lot thou,he was given the usual medication to bring his temprature down. He was seen by a junior dr who said i could take him home this annoyed me as they are the experts and should know whether to send home or admit, anyhow thankfully he got admitted.

He was given medication as a precaution for menigitas but he didnt cool down straight away as a parent i was rather anxious and asked for more tests to be done, they did a body scan and found his left kidney had two known as a duplex kidney he also had a lumber punture test done to and luckily the menigitas had been caught just in time ....( i recommend if your not completly happy with a dr if they going to send your child home ask for a second opinion ) result came back he had ecoli menigitas and with the duplex kidney it was due to reflux, my memory is a bit faded now as it was so long ago.

He was kept in hospital for just under a month and was put on long term anti biotics. few months later he had his third kidney removed the menigitas had rotted it. He had many out paitnet appointments had few bugs along the way due to this but he got better and came off the medication when he started primary school.

While he has been growing up he hasnt really had many problems that i noticed he had bad behaviour but just thought that he was going thru a stage .. only recently well when he was 8/9 i saw something on children in need about a child who had problems and that set the alarm bells ringing so i got back in touch with the dr.

next i shall list things i have noticed over the past couple of years :-


struggling with school work

touching ppl

bugging for something till he got it or if he has a problem he bugs till its solved


problems with reading (this also comes under school work)


these are a few things i can think off the top of my head that i have noticed and his teacher has too.

As i have mental health problems i have a few of these traits and there is mental health problems on the fathers side too so i question is it to do with after affects or mental health?????

i shall keep this updated he sees specialist at the end of the month this is the start to my questions getting answered and my son gettin the right help.

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Hello my son has had ecoli meningitis twice at birth and then again at 5 weeks old I'd you'd like to get in contact we could share our experience ? Not sure how I contact you directly ? X


Hello Kate

It is possible that your son’s behaviour and learning issues could be linked with meningitis. The Trust has recently completed a research study looking at the outcomes of children 3 years after they had suffered from meningococcal disease (another type of bacterial meningitis). This study has found that these children are more likely to experience behavioural problems and more likely to require additional support at school.

Although this study concentrated on meningococcal disease, it is likely that E Coli meningitis could cause similar problems.

I see that your son has an appointment with a specialist at the end of the month and I hope this will be of help. Your son’s teacher should also be able to help and may be able to arrange a full educational assessment.

More information can be found in our learning and development fact sheet which can be downloaded from our resource page:

As a result of our recent research project, we are campaigning for the right for any child who has had meningitis to have appropriate assessments throughout their educational life so that any problems can be identified at an early stage and support can be given. More information can be found here

If we can be of support please call our helpline on 0800 028 18 28 or email:



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