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Learning disability week, virtual events for people with learning disabilities

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Learning disability week - events for people with learning disabilities

To celebrate this Big life events is hosting some events this week

Tuesday 2.30 til 3.30 The Art of Autism

Our resident Peak15 Positive Behavioural Specialist, Dudley Burrell,

will be sharing a presentation on how neurodiverse individuals can

produce outstanding creativity in science and art. The live Zoom

event on 'The Art of Autism' will explore the mind-blowing work of

artists like Stephen Wiltshire and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Free event, open to all.

Wednesday 16th June: 2.30-4.30pm Your life in Art

Join our fabulous Jenna Ayling, Peak15 Arts & Crafts leader, on a

'Your Life in Art' Zoom workshop. Fill your paper silhouette with all the things that make you, you. Details of what you'll need will be sent out in advance by the Big Life Events Team.

Free event, open to all.

Thursday 17th June: 11.00-12.00noon Mamma Mia workshop

Ayden Morgan, West End Star, World, European and UK Freestyle Champion will be leading a Zoom Dance Workshop and teaching us how to dance Dancing Queen from the infamous Mamma Mia theatre show. No experience necessary and just for fun!

Open to all. Cost £6.50 per person.

Friday 18th June: 6.30-8.00pm

Cocktails, Mocktails and Dreams

Big Life Events Presents......Cocktails, Mocktails and Dreams. Join the virtual disco, bring along your drink of choice and share your dreams for the future.

Open to all. Cost £6.50 per person.

Events organised by Peak15 in association with Big Life Events. To reserve your

place on any of the events below call Lex on 07712 672661 or

email: alexis.ali@peak15support.co.uk.

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hi Biglifeadventure im non verbal autistic and mild LD, please can i be added to the free events on tuesday and wednesday as i cant use verbal communication? i can give my email over PM if needed.

sorry i hope you dont think im just trying to avoid clases that cost, ive done zoom discos before with HOME and venture arts and enjoyed them as the venture arts staff know me well and were with me and others who struggle with transitions to walk us through it.

on thursday i am in my class at my supported art studio,and with discos i like to know whats going to happen, how its going to happen,who the DJ is,what the DJ is going to be playing,as in- what types of music etc.

Thank you for your reply, yes of course i will add you to our free events. Do you use facebook if so our page is Blifeevents you could PM me your name and your email address on there or you an email me.

Our disco is run my myself Lex, and our professional Dj's Tons of sounds. At some disco we play a mixture of music and often do some party dances at the end. other times we have themed weeks like musicals, diva night, 80's ect. I really depends on what the people that attend want. You can requests songs in the chat and the dj's will play it. We also have our mics turned off and we chat through the chat on zoom during the disco. We like to spotlight people who want to throughout the night so they can shows us their dance moves.

Some people come just to watch and enjoy the music, others join and dance sitting down and others dance round their rooms, its really up to you.

Send me your details and i will email you the zoom instructions

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Hello Biglifeadventure

Thank you so much for sharing this. These events sound brilliant - what a great way to celebrate Learning Disability Week!!

Best wishes


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