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Holiday with mencap.

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I would like to go on holiday, with mencap as I don't like going with Outward Housing.

Can I go with your staff if I can please.

Done by Joshua with me Jamie (Matthew) Sears.

He is my key worker, who get things done for me so I can go on holiday.

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hi JamieSears19977 welcome to the group you shoud stick around you might enjoy it! :)

its great you have a kind,supportive keyworker like joshua!

i have learning disability as well and a lot of other disabilities although ive been on this group a while i recently had to use mencaps helpline (by email) due to wanting to move to another support/home service.

if the helpline staff doesnt have the right advice for you they may refer you to a specialist in the helpline service which means it can take up to 15 days to get a reply in your email inbox-it took me 10 days for example to get their dedicated reply from the specialist because i needed a lot of files to send to my parents.

if you cant wait till monday when the mencap staff come on,i recommend just following what i did Jamie.

click on mencaps official contact page:

-you may or may not need help with filling the contact form in as theres a lot of information needed, but they do this so the mencap staff will know what is out there to offer you in your area.

they wont reply to you till monday at the least but your email will be on their system and you wont be forgotten.

as far as i know mencap dont do a supported holidays service as i think you woud need your funding swapped to mencaps support and they dont do that for very short term things like holidays-ive never seen supported holidays on offer on their main website (but i may be wrong).

the only supported services i know of that my some of my ex house mates from my old residential homes used were chrysalis holidays, bendrigg, and calvert trust in the lake district.

however i found loads of holiday organisations for LD that are exactly like those just by typing into google the following words- "supported holiday learning disability uk".

i am sorry if ive wrote to much info for you to get through, i hope your key worker can help if its to much,i completely lack a short term memory due to epilepsy so i forget i am writing.

I would like to move in forest Glade where I used to live, as they can look are me with new staff please.Done by me and Joshua, as I would like to move away from my old flat to Forest Glade please help S.O.S.

Best wishes from Jamie (Matthew) Sears and Joshua my key worker.

hi JamieSears19977 i know how you feel i want to move back to an old place to.

*the 1st step is for you/Joshua to contact your social worker and say you want to move back with new support.

*your key worker will have to do this for you as social workers do not let us contact them directly.

your key worker will get an answer quicker if they email your social worker,i know this is how it works with mine.

*it woud be useful for you and joshua to also get help from an advocate service (this is someone who can speak for you and fairly defend your rights and wishes).

*if you cant find an advocate, ask joshua to also email your social worker that you need referring to an advocate.

i use an advocate service and i do think they are a great help!


*just to make sure you feel OK and safe on the internet it might be good to show joshua your posts and ask if it is OK that you have used private info such as your full name and the name of your favrite house you have lived in.

*you have done nothing wrong but we users usually dont post full names or other private things as it is keeps us safer on the internet.

---you might like this.

mencap do a free easy read internet safety course but you might need some help from your key worker get it to work:

**the downloadable easy read pages may help you with using the internet.


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Hello there

I think everyone is thinking about holidays at the moment. 😀

Would you, or Jamie, be able to call our helpline to see if they help. Give them a call on 0808 808 1111 or email

It will probably depend on what is available in your area. Some Mencap services do have support holidays.

Best wishes


Hi JamieThank for your your query. I hope all is well.

You could contact one of our local affiliated Mencap groups to see if they can help.

You can find contact details here:

You may also want to try Harm Farm Trust. You can find there contact details here:

I hope this information helps.

Kind Regards


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