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Anyone bought an 'Open Driving' car insurance policy?

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We are contemplating giving use of my car to my sons' support team as they are no longer allowed to take those they support in their own cars (thanks Covid!) and public transport in our area doesn't go where we need it to go. We would need to get an open driving insurance policy to allow for different support staff using the car but would appreciate any advice or recommendations from anyone out there who has already done this. Thanks.

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Dear FragileXmum, all I can say is that our daughter lives in her supported living flat and her support team make full use of her Motability (but non-adapted) car using an open insurance policy as psrt of the Motability package. There have been no problems.

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Thanks so much for your reply. We have asked Motability if our sons could share a car as they house-share and wouldn't each need a car, but sadly they're not willing to allow it :-(

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BAM2 in reply to FragileXmum

That's a shame, and must be frustrating. I hope you find an answer. All the best!

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It is very hard to find out anything about this.

The main place that has any information about it is the Motability website here - It is a shame they can't help.

I did get a lot of insurance companies popping up when I searched on this. It may be worth looking at the detail of what they offer.

There are also some insurance brokers to say they are specialists in this sort of thing. Perhaps it would be worth seeing if this has come up again for them before.

The only other idea is to slightly change what you are searching for. I was searching for open driving insurance and carers. But I also tried disability car insurance for personal assistants and carers.

Best wishes


Hi. This is probably not much use to you: my disabled son used the mobility part of his benefit to buy his own car. I.e. not via Motability. He bought a second hand VW Versa van already converted for wheelchair access. He got insurance through Fish Insurance. He is specifically excluded from driving the car (because of his disability) but anyone else over 25 years with a full driving licence and with his permission can drive the car.

Oh that's really helpful, thanks so much. Would you mind telling me approx how much the insurance costs? I've just spent ages on the phone to my insurance company to see if I can add the support workers onto my policy as named drivers until we can get something sorted out but they won't offer business cover to additional drivers so we're still stuck!! Given this isn't an uncommon situation, I'm surprised how difficult it is to get info.


Staff should never use their cars to support the people they look after. In fact the rules has always been there staff must not use their personal cars to drive the person they care for there’s a multitude of issues when staff use their cars to take the people they take care insurance us one.

. A Motability car or van. My son has a van a 9 seater he has a 3 to 1 care. He’s van is open insurance anyone member of staff manager or my sons family can drive it.

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Well that’s not the case as in the North East staff do use their cars to transport service users around. Unless an adapted car for people with mobility issues was needed.

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Well they may well do. But let me throw this question is it fair to have support workers to use their cars to serve your disabled child, ? Especially without insurance? They may well be doing it but it’s really not logical or even legal. Ah snd by the way service users?

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They are obviously insured to do this and it is obviously legal by the way.!!

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Great but wait is this a compulsory obligation they must use their cars ? Or do they have the option? I am a mum if two disabled people I certainly would not take advantage of my staff to use their cars. It’s simply not fair or just. I wouldn’t want to to use my car to transport the people I would be caring for.

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No one is taking advantage of anyone for goodness sake, you be you and I’ll be me thankyou.

In the case of the care staff we use (all via the same agency) it is optional if they want to use their own cars, they are fully insured, the cars are safety checked every week and it's all entirely legal so I would say it's completely professional, fair and just. My sons are adults and need transport to access their daily support activities, go and do their supermarket shop etc. but the buses rarely go to the right places so cars are essential to live an independent life. It's just such a shame that Covid has affected everything so drastically.

Thanks for your response. I'm not sure whether you are a family member of a person with a disability, a service user or a care giver, but that's not what happens here in North Somerset either. The staff are able to use their own cars as long as they have business use insurance and the support agency invoices us for the mileage done each month. Unfortunately they don't know when they will start allowing staff to take PWS in their cars again, hence our problem.

Hi yes my 46 yr old son has severe learning disabilities and he is in supported living. Covid really has a lot to answer too. It is down to the staff regarding using their own car as long as they have the appropriate insurance etc, not all staff choose to do this and likewise we pay mileage. I don’t see why this appears to be a problem for some people but hope you get sorted soon.

Hi dear,I read all the replies and they are all useful. But one thing I would suggest is to call your insurance company and talk to them about it. If they do not offer the kind of insurance you are looking for then search on websites like compare the market etc... and call the insurance companies who offers the very first quotes (as they are the most relevant ones). I’m pretty sure you will find at least one insurance company who can offer what you are looking for.

All the best


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Thanks. I started on that process yesterday as my current insurers (Saga) do not offer business use cover for 'named drivers'.

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