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Activism week event


It is Activism week (Monday 19 October to 25 October) and it is a great chance to focus on campaigning.

Members of our campaigning team are around all week to answer questions, and we'd love to hear any stories you have to share.

> Have you campaigned about something?

> What would you like to campaign about - what issues are important to you?

> Would you like some tips about how to get started?

The campaigns team will also posting about some of the campaigns Mencap are working on, including #SocialCareCrisis, Treat me well and the new learning disability training for health and care staff.

We hope you find the week interesting and inspiring!

Best wishes


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Looking forward to it. :-)

Next week is Activism week!

Next Monday 19th October is the start of Activism week and it is a great opportunity to focus on all types of campaigning that is happening nationally.

I’m Mike, Mencap’s Campaigns Officer for the south of England. I have worked in the campaigns team for over 10 years. During this time, I have been the Development Officer for the Changing Places toilets campaign and have been working on the Treat me well health campaign for the past 4 years.

We hosted our first ever Activism week between in 2018 as a way of celebrating all the brilliant activists out there doing great campaigning work across the country.

What Activism week is all about?

During the coming week, members of Mencap’s campaigns team will be available to answer questions and get involved in campaign and activism discussions online. We'd love to hear from you.

Have you campaigned about something?

What would you like to campaign about - what issues are important to you?

Would you like some tips about how to get started?

Introduction to the online community

If you would like to get involved the link is below to sign up and to join the Activism week event.

This is the link to the event:

The campaigns team will be posting about some of the campaigns Mencap are working on, including #SocialCareCrisis and our health campaign “Treat me well” which is in its 4th year and currently focussing on young people with learning disabilities and autism.

We look forward to hearing from you throughout the week.

HI Everyone! just wanted to jump on this and say Hello to everyone.

I'm Stephen John - Regional campaign manager at Mencap. I have been at Mencap for 11 years now and have been managing the campaign officers since 2016. I felt it was important to maintain my grassroots base of campaigning and so I also cover the North of England in frontline, community campaigning.

Mike has posted lots of important questions and information about the event but if you have any campaign related questions outside of the event then please do get in touch! Treat me well is our signature campaign and is about hospital care but the team is working on lots of things at present. As well as the COVID19 work, the social care work and Treat me well, we are also working on a childrens campaign and are working with local charities to create some really useful information for parents of children with a learning disability and for hospital staff! keep an eye out for these!


Activism Week is here! We'd love to hear from you about anything do with getting things changed. This can be something local to you, or an issue you know affects people all over the country.

To get you started here is a great video from Harry about Clear Covid Communication - which is the theme this year.

There is a post more about the Clear Covid Communication campaign from Mike here -

There is also reminder here to take part in the Childrens’ Campaign Early Years Case Studies and Survey This is aimed at parents with young children (0-5).

Best wishes



Love the video.

I've campaigned for improvements to a local road crossing near my house. I found my local councillor massively helpful.

One too from me is to find other like minded people. When it is just you it feels like you are just complaining. When there is a small group ( or a large group 😃) you have more impact.

Mike_Mencap in reply to Freddy44

Hi Freddie. Thanks for getting in touch. Great to hear about your campaigning and we fully agree that working with others really helps. Let us know what area you are from and we can link you up with the regional campaigns officer. Or go to the link below and look at the regional map.

Keep in touch!

Great activism Freddy.

I was part of a campaign group a few years ago as some people with a learning disability wanted to have a crossing from their house on one side of a very busy road to the pub and bus stop on the other side. We had the police to speed checks and worked out the average speed cars were going, we spoke to the elderly home near by and the local school also. We also filmed a member of the group who is a wheelchair user, trying to cross the road. It took 11 minutes as the road was so busy and no cars stopped to allow him to cross safely.

When people come together they can do great things. There is now a zebra crossing near their house and they feel much safer being independent as they don't have to worry about crossing a very busy, very fast and unsafe road.

Keep campaigning!



Mike has created some awesome posts this week as part of Activism Week:

Treat me well: Simple adjustments make a big difference

Treat me well is a campaign to transform how the NHS treats people with a learning disability when they are in hospital.

A message from Sarah and Nate

Thanks to Treat me well campaigners Sarah and Nate for making this video to help promote the Early Years survey.

#ClearCovidCommunication - Share the Video

Activism Week 2020 This year's Activism Week is from the 19 to 23 October 2020. For the week, we're calling for #ClearCovidCommuncation.

Childrens’ Campaign Early Years Case Studies and Survey

There is still time to complete the Early Years survey and submit an interest in being a case study family for the Early Years campaign launching in December.





I love your TMW campaign. It is huge issue. How are you working with hospitals during the pandemic? Do you think this sort of thing is getting overlooked at the moment?

Can your MP help with this sort of campaigning? My MP is brilliant and I have contacted them directly in the past to ask for advice and help. I get a bit confused what you need to ask your MP for, and what your local councillor can help with. Some decisions are make by your local council, and some in Parliament, but it also depends who sets budgets. Do you have any guidance about this?



Re: hospitals. We have a lot of hospitals and healthcare workers signed up as Treat me well Champions and we've emailed then links to our Easy Read resources on Covid-19. We've made it really clear that hospitals should continue to make reasonable adjustments for people with a learning disability when in hospital - the Covid-19 crisis should not be used as an excuse not to give people with LD the support they need.

Re: MPs and councillors. Even I find the difference confusing! But Mencap have got an Easy Read document which talks about MPs and councillors which you might find helpful:

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