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How I spent my time in Lockdown? I am autistic!

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Dear All,

I hope you all are well in this strange time!

I am using this channel to promote my son’s YouTube channel. He is in the autism spectrum. Since the age of 8 he had no speech. God is so merciful, now he can talk fluently! I have used this lockdown period to increase his confidence and life skills. I would be grateful if you can subscribe to his channel. He is very keen on becoming a youtuber, and we are all supporting him because it is what he enjoys doing. From someone that had no speech until the age of 8years, for him to willingly want to make videos and share with a big audience, it is amazing. I thought I would share it with you, as it might inspire others. Please help me promote this. My son constantly checks his subscribers and viewers, and becomes happy when there is an increase in subscribers and views. He has many different videos. His YouTube channel is called Ridwan Chowdhury 123.

Here are some of the links:,

Please do like, subscribe and share the videos with friends and family.

Thank you so much, it is much appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Usually watch Fatheringautism but will check out site and another support group is

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Thank you, I will have a look. Please support my child by subscribing.


i wish you good luck forthe future


Thank you, but it is not possible if you don't support. He needs a lot of motivation. By subscribing it will encourage him.

Dear Fatima

My daughter 19-year-old she spent mostly time on YouTube watching cooking recipe cake or chocolate she specially lockdown time she spent long time she loves cake if you i have a other ideai if you got iPhone download app couple matching game hopefully he can play very helpful keep your child busy

Will do thanks, keep watching their is baking in his video too!

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