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Advocates in Greater London / Hertfordshire

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Hi there,

This is my first time posting a question here! I am writing to ask if anyone has any suggestions of advocacy organisations that serve Greater London and/or Hertfordshire areas? The advocate is for a young adult with autism. Any advice or suggestions would be great! Thank you.

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Hi. POhWER have a good service in Hertfordshire and they're based other places too.

Thank you!

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Welcome MusicSpeaks

POhWER do seem to be the key service in Herefordshire.

In terms of London - there are lots listed on the National Autistic Society's Services Directory -

A few other places that might be able to help -



* - have some services in London

It might be worth asking you local council what is available locally as they should know too.

Best wishes


Thank you for this.

How did you get on MusicSpeaks ? Fx

I am in the process of checking out the suggestions above - really helpful to have some ideas so thank you all. :)

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I_am_a_siblingSurvey in reply to MusicSpeaks

That's great to hear :)

Hi I am acutely a resident in Hertfordshire who has a LD and work on Self Advocacy movement on the European Platform for Self Advocates. I've found Herts Peoples First on the Herts County Council website but worth having a look by attaching on the link.

We had a bad experience with POWER, they were unable to relate to my non verbal daughter - good luck!

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