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Melanoma UK

Metastasize Melanoma

It is very hard when you have cancer. I had 3 different skin cancers in 2015. One being Melanoma. I saw my primary doctor in Dec 2016. I kept telling her I wasn't feeling well. I was tired, felt sick that I just couldn't explain the way I felt. She went through all my lab work and set me up to see an Oncologist in Jan. On Feb 24, 2017 I was diagnosed with Metastasize Melanoma to the lower left lung. I had surgery in April. I have RA as well so it takes me longer to heal. My cancer didn't spread through lymph nodes but through my blood. In June my Dermatologist found 2 spots on my back. They were biopsied. They were found just in time or they would have turned to melanoma. I had a port put in July 12th. I spent all night in the hospital . It took them 4 hours to remove a small blood cot from the port. To me it was very painful, maybe because it was the first time being used. I am getting a new Oncologist because mine has retired. She did so before putting in her treatment plan. I now have to start all over. They want to put me on Opdivo. I have read that it gives people autoimmune diseases . I already have it. I am already on palliative care and do not know if it normal routine . They say that they may just put me on the medication for 6 months. Is that the time they are giving me. I know melanoma in incurable but people are living over 10 years with it. Is it because it hasn't spread. I am not the same person I was. My emotions are sky high. I cry, I am angry and it doesn't take much for someone to make me made, where before I could just laugh at them. Is the last stage of melanoma when it spreads to the brain. Or the fact that it is going through my blood. I was already told surgery would not be an option for me next time. Do we just say forget it or fight it no matter how much it makes us sick.