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Stressful times

I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps I know I shouldn’t beat myself up about it but sometimes it all gets too much to bear there doesn’t seem to be any joy in my life at moment I’m trying but feeling resentful especially because it’s all a struggle financially it’s hit us hard I know money won’t cure me but it would make things less stressful at moment and maybe allow me the odd treat without getting in a panic about bills that need paying I already had to borrow money from in laws I didn’t expect to still be here and now I am I’m broke and no way of fixing it just makes things so much more difficult I wanna be able to do things with my family instead I’m stressed and angry about it as bills have to be paid but even that’s becoming increasingly difficult it feels like the only way our finances will improve is with my death or winning the lottery. I know I should be grateful I’m still here but......

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Hi I hope ur feeling a bit better, I was just having the same conversation tis week, it’s very hard financially esp coming up to Christmas, I was so used to having my own money and I’m a hairdresser so I would always have customers at home and always have a few bob I would always be sorted early for Christmas not this year.... this disease has taken so much from me mainly my independence, it’s just shit!!! Living from scan to scan hanging on every word doctors say worrying about every little change, reading stuff on social media is hard too, but as everyone says and sometimes it’s sooooo annoying , your so strong your an inspiration , I’m like I just want to be free of this life sentence and get on with my life... your not alone so feel free to chat anytime xxx

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