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Sunscreen Recalls: toss these out ASAP!!

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Dear ones: discard immediately spray Neutrogena and Aveeno SPF sunscreen products due to safety recall. This is expecially concerning to our community since the Neutrogena 70 product was a featured partner with MRF with $1 from each spray product going to MRF in May. I have tossed mine, already 90% used, so I'm not a happy camper:

J&J Recalls Aveeno, Neutrogena Spray Sunscreens


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This latest finding of benzene in many many brands of sunscreen is very upsetting. I guess sun proof clothing may be the better option? I watch my kids and grandkids covering themselves with sunscreen in an attempt to avoid melanoma and by doing what appears to be the right thing, may be increasing their risk of another cancer? It feels like

“ damned if you so, damned if you don’t! “

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To be clear, this is something that appears to be a byproduct of the manufacturing process of all aerosol sunscreens. There is a forthcoming class action suit across at least 40 different products/ companies including generics. J and J is doing this as a voluntary recall rather than waiting out of a position of caution and will reimburse for product. Hopefully others will follow their lead.

That being said, the amount in the product detected in very small and no studies exist on how much exposure via sunscreen is dangerous.

The best sunscreen is the one you will use so just use lotion, stick, or cream. Clothing, hats and sunglasses, shade seeking all help us continue to have fun in the sun 😎

MRF will post something in next 48 hours in their news feed per their Exec Director who graciously called me last night about this concern. J and J spoke with MRF the night before their voluntary recall and even though this will create a big financial hit for the company their commitment to public sun safety and partnership with MRF remains intact. They will honor their donation pledge of $1 per product commitment.

Wayne’s favorite daily sunscreen was Neutrogena 70 face defense because of coverage and non-greasy texture after trying a bunch of different products.