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Article Ryan wrote if anyone is interested!

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Kelly- I can’t open Ryan’s article on either site. Is it just me?

Got it open . What a journey you two have had but you do a powerful job of getting to what you need ! You are both amazing and inspiring people . Keep up the good work, Ryan and Kelly . Wishing you all

the best.

Thank you so much xoxoxo

What a wonderful article Ryan wrote. I know that sharing his cancer journey will provide inspiration to many. So happy everything is going well for you both.How are the wedding plans going?

Sending many of Gods Blessings to you both.


Wedding plans are getting there LOL. I am definitely not a girly girl so this is hard for me! It will be a good big ole cook out on a farm : ) no pressure type of environment ❤️

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Thank you for sharing Ryan's post. It's helpful to read summaries like this with so much up and down along the way. You demonstrate love through perseverence like nobodies business. I"m glad for these days where you have been able to be quieter, living with more fullness.


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Thank you missy ❤️

So interesting to read the whole span of Ryan's story and recognize the bits you've shared over the years. So he was diagnosed ten years ago and you joined him on the journey five years ago. You are a good woman and loving partner.

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Yep! He has had a very long haul with this disease.. 30% chance to live to the age of 30. He is 31 now. I am so proud of his fight 💕

Thank you, Kelly! I enjoyed reading his words and am so happy for you both. You two are incredible together. Don’t forget to share wedding pics! A farm wedding sounds perfect!! 😘