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Cfs and root canals

Hi everyone, so my question is to do with root canals and cfs.

Ive had loads of root canals and am currently diagnosed with cfs even though my thyroid shows i have hashimotos/hypo but docs dont agree.

Ive recently used oregano oil on my gum (diluted) where i have a small bump from my last root canal a few years ago, and i think its reinfected, and so i heard the link between cfs/autoimmune diseases and root canals. So i tried the oregano oil and it made the area come out in small mouth ulcers, and i was wondering if that was because it pulled the infection out to the top and caused the mouth ulcers. I wondered if anyone else has used oregano oil in the same way etc?

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There's quite an interesting article here: amalgam.org/education/scien...

I think warm salt water rinses would be better than essential oils but if the infection is inside the gum nothing will do much, you'd need antibiotics.


Hiya :) thankyou for the link, im now having a read through :) ive read that oregano oil is a natural antibiotic/anti fungal and many more, which isnt like antibiotics which bacteria can get resistant to. I had been on antibiotics for months and so really needed to find an alternative to my problems, but i wasnt sure if it was the possible infection coming out or just that my mouth didnt like the oregano oil lol


You might want to explore the taking of prebiotics and probiotics. Especially after all the antibiotics joeblo.

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