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Has anyone been prescribed Diazepam for back pain & muscle spasms?


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Its prescribed frequently enough for spasms/certain back pains - 2mg dose is a muscle relaxant dose. Had it for a short period a number of years ago.


I have been prescribed Diazepam, for back pain and muscle spasms. For short periods of time when I have been in agony.


Hi Cathy1965

I have been described diazepam for muscle spasms. It has proved effective for me. They are highly addictive if taken too regularly. Hope this helps.



I've been prescribed Clonazepam rather than this for many years now. Initially it also had a hugely sedative affect but my body adjusted.


Yes, I take diazapam. I have 2mg tablets prescribed and I find they really help me. You can not take them every day though as they are addictive and the body gets used to the dose and wants more. If your pain and spasms are constant and long term I don't think they would be suitable. I take them on bad days only. x