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Still awaiting diagnosis

I started with symptoms nearly 2 years ago but me wasn't suggested for 10 more months as I'd just had a baby.I'm still awaiting various referrals in the ruling out stage as I'm more breathless than doc would like before I can have a referal for me clinic.I'm exhausted and clapping weight on which won't be helping and makes me feel even more useless. My question is how much longer till I can access the help I need or is it usually such an uphill struggle even when they're aware enough to suggest me.

Thank you

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My GP suspected M.E. pointing me in the direction of the Canadian Consensus Document:


Anyway it was only after seeing a specialist - Dr William Weir who diagnosed me that the GP fully accepted it.

Dr Weir advised that I:

Avoid Gluten and Dairy


Take Omega 3 oils


Take Vit D supplements

Hope you get your answers soon.

Take care.

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