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I have had wet macular dystrophy since I was 19 years old. I am 33 now. Recently I am obsessing that I am going blind in my good eye. Grid is ok and even eye exam with eyes dilated was ok consultant told me I have a healthy macula. I know I am obsessing but I can t stop.worrying. This only happened recently as I had trouble sometime with reading and sometimes words are blurred. Most probably I just need reading glasses. How do I stop worrying... any help?

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I can understand your worry and it is good to hear you have been re-asured that all is well. If you test yourself with an amsler grid it is quite re-assuring too- see if there are any wavy lines. Also see if you need dry eye drops- weirdly your tears can increase with dry eye- and that can blur your vision. Get regular examinations for re-assurance because if things are going wrong you have time to get treated early.


Yes I go every 6 months for a detailed eye exam at my consultant. I think I am having my low days these days as I can t help but think about it. This has been going on for 11 years but recently I have worried more


It’s understandable but you are on a good position as you know to monitor things well in time for treatment. People who are not concerned don’t get checked sometimes until it’s too late


True I had my first symptom with no family history at 19 ans it was too late as there was a lot of bleeding. Thnks RosyG


Tired eyes will get blurry. You say you may need reading specs- have you been to optician to get your eyes checked out? I find my eye clinic aren't interested in my reading prescription.

rosyg is right about the good news re the amsler etc and about blurriness from dry eyes and them being teary (they are trying to moisten)- there are lots of drops you can get which will help.

It may be that you'd benefit from some counselling to help you get over this spike in worrying - speak to your gp. Sending you a hug and hoping you feel better soon X


Yes I have an appointment on 3rd May for reading glasses as when I went to hospital there were more interested in my macular degeneration. I seem to panic over the slightest thing. I have contacted macular society yesterday as unfortunatley here in malta there are no support groups

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