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Screening - the ovaries

Screening - the ovaries

Ovarian cancer is less common than cancer of the uterus in Lynch syndrome (LS) but it does not always have early symptoms and has a poorer outcome.

Incidence risk of cancer in the LS mutation groups:-

MLH1 12% (Moller 2015)

MSH2 and Epcam 15%

MSH6 - risk = general population

PMS2 - risk = general population

SCREENING for ovarian cancer in LS is not currently recommended in the UK. That is because research has not been shown to save lives.

At the moment, Vasen's European guidelines 2013 state that removing the ovaries around the age of 35-40 years is the most effective way of preventing cancer in LS. This might only be necessary in MLH1, MSH2 and Epcam but discuss with a gynaecologist.

Some gynaecology departments do offer screening of the ovary with abdominal or transvaginal ultrasound and serial CA125 blood tests. If you would like to consider this - discuss with your gynaecologist. He or she will tell you of its limitations

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