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Screening - cancer of the womb (uterus or endometrium)

SCREENING FOR WOMB CANCER in women with Lynch syndrome is not yet widely available in the UK.

That is because screening has not yet been shown to alter outcomes. Transvaginal scans and endometrial sampling (obtaining small samples of the womb lining to examine under the microscope) have not been sensitive enough to pick up all early cancers and too many are missed.

However if you wish to have screening, discuss with your gynaecologist and consider if it is right for you.

The European guidelines (Vasen 2013) say that the most effective way of preventing womb cancer in LS is HYSTERECTOMY, from the age of 35-40 years.

Cancer risk figures for individual gene groups by the age of 70 years are:-

MLH1 34% (Moller 2015)

MSH2 and Epcam 51%

MSH6 49%

PMS2 24%

Survival for women in Moller's paper was 98% at 10 years. (Women who knew they had LS but didn't necessarily have screening)

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