Lynch Syndrome UK

Cancer Prevention - CaPP3 & Aspirin

Taking aspirin reduces number of cancers in lynch syndrome- scientific fact. A world-wide study in which people with lynch syndrome took 600mg a day for 2 years showed a 50%+ reduction in the number of cancers identified after 5 years and the effect continued.

There is now an ongoing study called CaPP3 which is to determine the optimum dose of aspirin to achieve this effect. They are testing 3 different doses 100mg, 300mg and 600mg. Whilst recruiting world-wide, the study is run out of Newcastle University, UK.

Please do consider joining this trial to help make things better for not just yourself but also future generations. If you have questions ask us or your genetic counsellor. There is more info here:

You can contact them direct or ask your counsellor about joining.