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Another Cancer?

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Where to start? Joined this site a month or so ago after my husband finished his RCHOP treatment for DLBCL (Richter's transformation.) Doctors said transformation was rare and they must be right. I check every day for new posts but there have not been any, My husband was diagnosed in 2013 with CLL and in Dec 2017 the DLBCL stage 4. He tolerated the treatments pretty well - were told he had an almost complete response and has finally started to be a little more active and looks like he feels better. Was sleeping 12 to 14 hours a night and mostly sitting all day. Wednesday he had a follow up CT Scan and doctor appointment. Friday a call from Doctor - nothing alarming with lymph glands or nodes BUT now new lesions on his liver. Scheduled for an MRI tonight at 9:00 and doctor says they suspect it is a new cancer. Praying for the best and gathering every ounce of strength left to deal with what comes next.

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I will include him and you in my daily prayers. Put your trust and hope in God. Whatever plan He has for you and your husband will unfold the way it is meant to. Pray for the strength to handle whatever comes your way. Stay strong.

Sending HUGS $ PRAYERS!! 💛😔💛

Please keep us posted!! Wishing you Both, all the Best!!

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