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Here we go again


Short version diagnosed nodular sclerosing stage 2a Hodgkin's Jan2016. 4 cyles ABVD Jan-July 2016. Clear PET Aug 2016, Cold Sept 2017 - cough continuous many CXR treated for bronchitis and lung infection still cough. Repeat CT's Jan 22 and 26 (chest &neck) BIopsy Jan 26,2018 EBUS Feb 1,2018. Bopsy showed relapsed Hodgkin's. So starting again with PICC line, etc next week then following week chemp progressing to ASCT.

Has anyone onhere had GDP in MB - how was it? Anyone here in Winnipeg gone through ASCT at CancerCare Mb. Knowledge helps expectations. Plus now still cough and numb right dominant hand.