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AOSD and RA with Atypical Lympho


Hello everyone! I'm a new here. I have AOSD since my childhood with RA since last year. And I got my lab test yeasterday that said I have Atypical Lympho. I took Imuran for 15 days before I got the lab test.

I really hope everyone in this community who knows well about the relation of AOSD & RA with Atypical Lympho can share me more informations.

1. Is Atypical Lympho same with Atypical Lymphocytes?

2. Can it develops to cancer? Because I have risk on breast cancer and cervical cancer.

3. What's more accurate lab test to get true diagnose of Atypical Lympho?

4. What kind of medicines that can help my condition?

Thank so much before..


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I don't know about RA but I'Ve got some kind undefined lymphoma probably as the doctor says a result of CIFIDS or Chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome. I think that a constant immune challenge is not great in helping fight off other challengers. Best of well wishes. I will be watching your feed as I too would love to hear of alternative or allopathic ways to boost the immune system while I wait for lumps to be big enough for chemo. ugg!

It sounds as if you just have increased atypical lymphocytes which very well may be treatable. Keep us posted, meditate and eat healthfully. I would love to hear of suggestions as well.

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Thank you denmanjemima for your reply. Many of the medicines that I have tried but did not give a good effect so now I'm just trying to control my mind to not think too much about my illness by enjoying my every time.

About your lumps. You've to make sure is it cancer or not. Hopefully those aren't cancer. I had a breast tumor and I had surgery. After surgery I had many breast cysts due to my imbalance estrogen. From then on I became a semi-vegetarian and watched on my type of food. Thank goodness I love fruits and vegetables. I also dislike alcohol and smoking. I drank Acemaxs containing soursop leaves and mangosteen everyday. Soursop leaves and mangosteen have been shown to cure cancer and tumors as long as it is not too late. In 2015 my oncologyst said I was free from cysts and tumor. You can try Acemaxs to heal your lumps. You can buy it at

I also avoid meat, preserved and colored foods, fast food, soft drinks. If you like alcohol and smoking, just stop it. Take enough of rest, don't smoke, control your mind and avoid for stress.

However Rheumatoid Arthritis and Adult Onset Still's Disease have disrupted the stability of my estrogen and my condition is getting worse where until now there is no medicines that can control my disease well. So right now I'm just trying to control my mind, calm myself and keep on pray to be able to enjoy my every time without the burden of thinking about my illness.

I believe if our mind is positive then our body aura becomes positive so our illness will not be able to worsen us.

Good luck and hopefully you're always very well.


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