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Anyone with Lupus experience upper back pain, scapula pain, and upper arm pain?

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I was diagnosed with lupus 7 years ago. I have never had such bad pain in my upper arms, upper back between and above shoulder blades and in scapulas and sides of ribs below armpits. Has anyone had this? What is weird is I only started feeling this pain after receiving the Moderna vaccine. I’m not sure if it’s related. It started around April. I got relief from mid June to early August and now it’s back. Also for the first time when these pains started my LFTs have fluctuated above normal and they have always been good. I have had CT, ultrasound and MRCP done all normal except for fatty liver and slight sludge in gallbladder. I am now waiting on a fibroscan. I have never experienced this pain. At the same time I got carpal tunnel in my right wrist which I got a cortisone shot for. I am just miserable in pain and horrible fatigue. I use a heating pad on my back the whole time I am at home. I just did acupuncture and cupping for the first time yesterday I hope it works. I completely changed my diet to just fruits and veggies no added salt or sugar. Occasional fish to help heal the fatty liver.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.