Lupus and Celiac

I have hypothyroidism,lupus, bypolar, panic attacks, extreme anxiety.. And now feeling like I have celiac , on line it says that celiac is a type of autoimmune and some times is mistaken for IBS and is close to R. Arthritis. When I ready the sims on line I have almost all of them I also seen that alot of the sims are the same as lupus. Does anyone have lupus and Celiac? Or does anyone know if there is a connection? I don't want to just keep calling my dr every time I have a new thing come up. Thanks

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  • The only way it can determine if you have coeliac disease is through a blood test

    I do believe that magnesium spray can be good for anxiety - look it up

  • Hi

    I have SLE and I am gluten and dairy free now, so completely convinced that it is all connected!

  • I dont have Lupus but i have RA and Coeliac. If you get one autoimune disease you are likely to get another. I was treaated for irratable bowel for at lease 18 years before i was diagnosed with coeliac., I had asked over the years but they woudnt have it . Thay just kept saying i hadnt.

  • My daughter has the same as you except bipolar. i believe that you may have those symptoms due to your autoimmune affecting the brain. i have lupus, mixed connective tissue disease,celiac,and lyme disease with babesia ,bartonella and other co i have RA,-IT IS ALL SO CONFUSING! but it is strongly all connected!!! do not ever be afraid to call your doctor if you are, then find another one who you feel comfortable with,my daughters gastro dr. said thyroid issues are common in celiac patients. thyroid could be partly responsible for anxiety too. i have brought her to every doctor from yale to columbia,westchester acupuncturists- you might need a team of doctors and that is okay.i wish you the very best i know how hard it is to live with all these different attacks on our bodies ,often i have to stop and just breath deep.and take it one day at a time,

  • I have Lupus and Sjogrens. I have terrible gut problems and have been reading much about Gluten. For any autoimmune it's great to not eat Gluten. It's been a few weeks now that I've avoided eating any Gluten. It has made a big difference in the way that I feel. Although I'm still fighting constant exhaustion, my gut health has improved. I believe there's a link. Stop eating gluten and see how you feel. It's worth a try...

  • I have Lupus but do not have Celiac's disease, but from my Lupus Support group it seems like almost all of them except me have decided to go on a gluten free diet that they claim has helped them. A gluten free diet has also helped out a friend that was at risk of heart attack from calcium build up in his arteries from large sugar intakes, his recent blood test came out good. I don't think a gluten free diet is necessarily a bad thing but be sure to do your own research online as everyone's body is different.

  • From what I read, once you have one autoimmune disease, you're more likely to get another and so on. I have both SLE and celiac. It's sucks. Right now I am dealing with a flare because I accidently ate gluten. Yay me! Cross contamination that I didn't think would both me did.

    I would talk to your doctor to get tested for celiac if you're worried about it. If you do not want to call, just start eating gluten free. At first, it's pretty horrible. You can't eat anything you once could. Such at taco seasoning, doughnuts, candy bars, etc. There are alternatives just read the labels carefully. Do research on what is gluten on an ingredient label. Or if you geustion something, just search it in google. I do it all the time!

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