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I recently got diagnosed with lupus I'm awaiting my appointment with a rheumatologist....I have a question I've looked at several different sites since my diagnosis and all say something different.....is painful to the touch and sensitivity to the touch skin a symptom of lupus? I can't hardly brush my hair, be touched, and the only thing I found I can almost comfortably wear (with less pain and sensitivity) is my light weight night gown. Everything hurts me even my dog licking my hand.

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I'm sorry you are having a difficult time. I've been told by friend that it's not always wise to look on the internet when trying to find answers about our illness's.....as you have say it can be confusing and not always accurate.

Try to stay calm....stress can make things appear worse.

Sending you warm sunshine and summer love



Hi, I'm so sorry you feel this way I know what you are talking about when I have a bad flair up this is how I feel. I to looked all over the internet ( there is alot on youtube that helped) they told me that a flair can last for days or weeks, months, even years.mine lasted a couple of days. May be the meds have to have time to start working ( once mine got in my system I was alot better) just give it time, try to calm down and not get upset ( that can cause a flair) talk with your dr and see what he/she thanks. I will pray you feel better soon. Maybe some of this helped!

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When my body was aching when my Lupus was not under control I did not like being handled roughly either. I do not believe I was as sensitive as you but I did have odd tension-like headaches that only hurt when I moved or touched certain parts of my head. Symptoms were only relieved when I had my Lupus under control. I would consult your doctor for any new symptom that develops. There is usually something that can be done to relieve pain.