Chronic Cough Syndrome

I have for the past Year Chronic Cough syndrome which is being investigated. I have been prescribed so many different tablets, Inhalers and the moment I have Nasel spray called Avamys which is not really helping, but have to use this for 3 Months. I have had Bronchoscopy, MRI scan, ChesyXray, Allergy tests and blood test. All came back clear All this coughing that I through the day and night has affected my quality of life. I have not had a good night's sleep for a very long time. This is really getting me down but I do have to stay focused. If I could collect the amount sweets that I have been offered, I could collect a very large sweet jar. I would be very much be interested if anyone else out there has this problem. I have tried Herbal remedies and Accuputure which helps for a day then it all comes back. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thankyou in Advance.

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  • I have the same thing. My Oncologist put me on prednisone to see if that helps. So far it has gotten better but not totally gone.