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Newest test result

Hi, was hoping someone could help me understand my latest chromogranin result.All my other ones were labeled chromogranin with a number to compare with the normal one, with normal being 15, mine has been marked high at 23.

Now this months is labeled Miscellaneous, with normal at 93 and me at 140. This has me a wreck, it will be Monday before I can call the Doc. I know, I'm probably over reacting, but have also been taken sick on and off again with the CNS.

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That is not a test I am familiar with, nor one that has ever been done for me. I have Stage IV NSCLC (Adeno).

I did quickly look it up (since I had never heard of it) and it is a test that is sometimes used as a tumor marker, but again, it's not one I have heard of or one that has ever been done for me. I have Lung Cancer and there aren't any tumor markers (tests) that work for us all in Lung Cancer, so my Oncolgist stopping running them on me.

I would try not to be too concerned, there are lots of variables in test results and until you understand what this is, no point in getting upset -- I know that's easier said than done -- but try to think positive.

Best wishes!


Thank you, Purple Place. Your right I shouldn't jump to conclusions. I'll just call tomorrow and get an answer.

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Oh, I also have lung cancer, had middle lobe removed, stage 4. I get a shot once a month of Sandostatin .


Good Luck! I totally understand how hard it can be to have to "wait" for answers, especially when you are battling such serious illness.

Sandostatin is also a new "drug" treament to me -- two new things I've learned in one day? Interesting.

I have Stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer and my lung tumor has been treated with Chemo (Carboplatin and Pemetrexed), and later with Radiation and then Immunotherapy (Opdivo). I'm happily now stable and doing well -- 2 1/2 years since my diagnosis.

You lab tests and treament are both new to me, but I'm always trying to learn about all the treatments and options that are available and realize that they are not the same all over the world. That's why I wondered if you may be in a different country or have a different type of Lung Cancer?

Either way...good luck tomorrow and hope you'll feel much better after you meet with your Oncologist and have the answers to your questions.


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I think a person could learn something new daily on this site.

That's great you've been stable for all that time. I've been in remission twice for a short time, was diagnosed in at the end of 2013, with Carcinoid lung cancer, had my middle lobe removed.

I live in Pennsylvania, where are you? I will post what I learn tomorrow, keeping fingers crossed!Thank you for the well wishes !



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