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Living with Asthma
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Living with dead relatives

Because I have relatives whose asthma helped their deaths, when I cough my seal bark I'm reminded of that. It doesn't help that if I have to be in the hospital for something else here they come with that stupid breathometer. I don't breathe very well normally, which doesn't help. Anyway it would help a lot if I didn't feel like my dead grandmother was the one giving me the instructions on why and how I'm not breathing right.

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Hi Sherri,

I am so sorry you are going through this. I know how scarry the "cough" can be. The fear of another bout, plans cut short, sick again?? Quality of life is something others enjoy.

Do you see a pulmonary doctor? It has taken a while but am on a treatment plan that is really working! I believe the major difference was my reaction and becoming my own advocate. I stopped being ashamed of being sick again, trying to push through...making everything worse. Learned my triggers, take my meds, ease up on myself when I need a break.

Very important to consider. Treatment and knowledge of asthma and pulmonary diseases has come a long way since your grandmother was diagnosed. You have better options.

I hope you see a good pulmonary doc and share your fears. Ask for tools to help improve your life.



Very true on your reply Mahod! You hit the nail on the head on this reply. Sherrig, you owe it to your self and family to seek better treatment of your condition. Correct on your quality of life through a pulmonary specialist. Emergency room visits are costly and a waste of YOUR time!


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