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Living with Asthma
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I'm Only Relating To What Has Worked For Me In My Replies

I don't mean to be over-bearing in any of my replies, but after suffering for the majority of my life with asthma, I was referred to a great pulmonary specialist doctor in Austin, TX that has turned my breathing issues around! They are specialized in their field and can really change your lives for the better. 5+ years of seeing the specialist has made a difference in MY life from what family doctors and eye, ear, nose & throat doctors did in 45 years. You owe it to yourself and loved ones to get the best advice and remedies for your breathing issues. Good luck to ALL that visit this site for asthma & bronchial related issues.

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Hi Vincent W,

Great advice! Far too often we fall into a pattern of "doing as advised"-- without question. Assuming breathing issues progress; never thinking in terms, you shared, " we deserve better"!

I am blessed to have a great team- pulmonary specialist and infectious disease/immune specialist. ( I have primary immune dificiency) Both stated I deserved a better quality of life. We work together to improve and tweak treatment. They encouraged me to be own advocate. To work on lifestyle ( I tried to push past warning signs = hospital and pneumonias).

Acceptance of adapting was difficult. Then I realized I was preventing my own path to health and began to look at changes differently.

My response is long and I apologize.

Bottom line, you are right. Caring enough for ourselves to advocate for good care. Having the right specialist.

The right tools in our tool boxes makes all the difference!

Thank you for sharing!!


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You are welcome. And the same goes to anyone else that may find the information here within Health Unlocked useful.

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