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Do I have HIV ?

Good morning . I had a protected sex with a lady , I did not cum , I stopped and took the condom out . I believe body fluid from her touched the tip my penis I'm not 100% sure . They condom did not break . I checked for leakage by filling it with water . I still saved the condom till date .i hv bleeding cum and we kissed during the Intercourse . She told me she has no bleeding cum but those are her words . I'm dying with worry cos I advised her to go for HIV test cos I wanted to commence a relationship with this lady and it came back with HIV + result . Do you think I got infected too ? I done testing after a week of expose and it's negative meanwhile I did HIV test on the 21st of December 2016 which is negative . I know the latest test I did would hv concluded the 90 days window but with this recent contact . I'm dying with anxiety

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Hi. Best advice. Go see a medical professional. Voice your concerns with people who are specialist.


Get checked by your family dr explain the situation and them every 6months no matter what hey tested its The safest route too go


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