Living Well with HIV
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Pt.2 I need help

Even though he infected me he was the person that had taken me from my family and manipulated me the entire time before i was even aware of status. I loved this person and even after i protected him. I got him into clinic made sure he was going to Doctor he has been this HIV positive for 11yrs and hadn't been treated. Even during my helping him i hated him. I hated myself for wanting him helped. And now i believe i helped him so that I've neglected myself in process. Just recently he turned on me blaming me for everything. Its my fault i have HIV, he didn't make me stay. He disclosed his wife's status vivid text message to her parents. I always felt he would allow me to share with my family when i got ready. Well i shared with my mom on a Thursday morning around 2a.m. over phone and its like after i told him that he went crazy. I felt i wasn't safe abd that i need help i calmed the situation asked to use car was told no repeatedly so i managed to get him to take me to local police station. I walked in ask to speak with anyone whom could help me and informed them he was out in parking lot and would become suspicious if i reminded in there long.

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