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Is the wheel chair destined

I am a 57 years old male, teacher by profession. I was quite active a few years back. But all on a sudden it felt that I had trouble walking smoothly. I visited an orthopedic who opined that I have osteo-arthritis. Right now it is really hard for me to climb the stairs or sit down on the floor. Once I sit on the floor it is too hard to stand on my feet. My Fasting BS is 123, Uric Acid 6.5, Triglyceride 225, TSH 6.5. A GP told me that I have metabolic problem. I was a good sportsman in my hay days. Now walking limping is the ultimate cause of my distress. May the metabolic problem be the root of my osteo-arthritis? What can I do to get back a bubbling life round the clock?