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The Peterson Group Responds to Complaints


Jakarta, Indonesia - For three years, The Peterson Group has provided information on the real nature of alternative, complementary and integrative medicines. From delving into the different CAM practices to featuring acupuncture, reflexology, Feng Shui, Chiropractic and other oriental treatments to cure different kinds of ailments and diseases, TPG has been reliable source of up-to-date and latest news on CAM. Among the most featured is homeopathy, a branch of medical treatment which is founded by a German physicist, Samuel Hahnemann, 200 years ago to cure the root cause of the health issue.

This year, homeopathy has been facing different complaints. Since Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed the regulations against homeopathic treatment last April 20-21, 2015, debates and arguments have been incited circulating around the possibility of implementing strict rules for approval of any homeopathic medical treatment. Allopathic practitioners challenged homeopathic experts to undergo testing and approval to prove that they are not operating fraudulently or that their treatment is mere placebo.

The complaints have escalated and were soon targeting different homeopathic agencies. Even the Peterson Group who claims neutrality in this issue is bombarded with different grievances and criticisms.

With hundreds of complaints flooding TPG’s email every week, Paul Kirkland decides it is time to address the overflowing concerns. In a reply email sent to those who complained, TPG said,


For our valued readers and avid supporters

Thank you for the recent concerns.

As you may know, The Peterson Group (TPG) is an informative website catering to inquiries which pertains to any practice of Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicines. We are greatly overwhelmed with the number of inquiries, complaints and concerns that we have received which have made us believe that we have been successful in our endeavor. We are, therefore honored to have this opportunity to reach out and reply to the feedbacks.

TPG is a non-profit organization kept running by a group of CAM experts, medical practitioners and other concerned individual. For confidentiality purpose, the company’s terms and conditions include full anonymity among our members. Yet, every now and then, we are permitting the names of our representatives fully with their consent.

TPG has also been providing studies and reviews which has taken countless hours of research and verification processes. For the times that we may have missed some information, we ensure doubled efforts to correct it.

Thank you for taking the trouble to contact us. While you will not see immediate results please be assured that we are working hard in the background to resolve the issues that have been complained about.”

5 Replies

We commend the TPG for responding so quickly to the large number of complaints. We know that many misleading claims have already been taken down from homeopathy websites and we expect that any remaining misleading claims will be removed once the TPG has written to the individual marketers.

We can only hope that they will now start to take their responsibilities seriously and help ensure their members are not the subject of any further complaints.

I hope every homeopathic website does the same. We can totally rely on them if they admit to their mistakes.

Some websites only ignore their own complaints and continue doing fraud things.

They are truly concerned towards their own members and readers. Thank you for clearing things up.