Living Positively with Cerebral Palsy
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does anyone use full length splints or afo's with leg gaiters to get a good stretch on thier calf muscles and hamstrings?

I try to manage my condition with as little input as possible, the only proffessionals I have seen recently is orthotists.

I prefer to use a mix of orthoses, physio exercises and baclofen to keep myself loose (ish) and mobile. I have found recently that I am really tight in my left hamstrings and calf and don't get my heel flat on the floor in flatter type trainers (the ones that fit my afo's best) I know that I could get my heel flat if I can get a really good stretch on my calf and hamstrings together by keeping my leg straight and my ankle flexed for a sustained length of time. I also prefer to night splint as I get a stretch for a longer time than I could by doing just physio and find it more comfortable having my more affected leg kept straight, to help stop it moving into uncomfortable positions.

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