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About Liver: Is it true that a person should not eat "yellow food" if he has Gilbert's Syndrome?

Hi to all I'm new in the community. Last week my doctor advised me to have a healthier diet for my liver because my sugar level is increasing. Also he told me I have Gilbert's Syndrome, which causes my skin to be yellowish sometimes because my liver doesn't process bilirubin properly.

My uncle who is also a doctor advised me to not eat yellow food because I have Gilbert's Syndrome. But when I resarched for healthy diet for the liver I found that some food/fruits that are advised good for the liver are considered yellow food such us Lemons and Oranges.

I have read in different websites that Gilbert's Syndrome is almost harmless and does not really need any kind of treatment, and I found nothing about one must not eat yellow food.

My question is given that I have Gilbert's Syndrome. In planning my new healthier diet for my liver, should I cancel out "yellow food/fruits"?

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Anavie...I read only deep pigmented fruits. I have a friend who is diabetic & isn’t suppose to eat yellow squash.


Yellow food has got nothing at all to do with bilirubin and I have never heard of any guidance to avoid foods due to colour.

There is good information about the ins and outs of Gilbert's Syndrome on the NHS website at:- nhs.uk/conditions/gilberts-... and it might be worth learning more about it for yourself.



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