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I'm new here

Hi, I'm Kelvin and I answer the telephone helpline (08000 743494) for the liver charity Liver4Life.

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2010, liver cancer in April 2012 caused by the hepatitis, and underwent 2 liver transplants in December 2012 before clearing the virus at the third attempt with the new generation of direct acting anti-viral drugs in 2014.

At Liver4Life we have a lot of knowledge and experience about liver conditions and I personally have a lot of relevant experience as a hep c patient which I'm happy to share this with anyone who wants information, support or help.

Please take a look at our website (details above) and I'm also available Monday to Friday between 10.00 am and 4 pm on the helpline (08000 743494) if you have any questions about you or your family members diagnosis or treatment.

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Hi Kelvin, sounds like you are ideally experienced to answer the helpline. Good luck.

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wow ! you have been thought a lot . and I thought I was bad with cirrhosis for 9 years - my first ever hospital appointment is on 28 Feb with my first ever hepetogist .I was under gastroenterology up untill 2 years ago but was discharged .not had any scans done since then only LFT test .they are OK .the liver is doing its job still thank God .my only concern is my sugar levels .I am pre diabetic whatever that means .I don't have sugar in coffee or water etc but I am a bugger at night for chocolate .I can easily get through a 200g bar of dairy milk .😏. tried to cut down but not working .I am awaiting anther appointment from neurology as I have has tingling in my left hand and fingers and my toes .gets worse if I am holding a phone up etc .feels like I need to see scratch it from the inside ? very weird .I hope that someone who needs help will contact you . hope your keeping well .best wishes linda


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