Please help in a lot of pain. It seems like it's getting worse then better

Merry Christmas everyone, I'm writing this because I don't know what to do anymore. I'm still in a lot of pain since they took gallbladder out in May of this year. Yesterday my husband took me to Hospital the pain I'm having has went into my right rib cage doctor doesn't know what's going on with me nothing I seem to be doing is helping me. Back in July I had a CT that found a mass on liver that is 2.4cm but since it's not bigger they don't want to do anything about it. I had MRI, an gastroscope which they did 2 biopsies which I didn't know about until last night. When my husband to me to hospital and the doctor was talking me about everything he's stunned he doesn't know what's causing this pain. I do believe the mass they found on my liver is what causing my pain. My bilirubin levels were very high for months. My question is has anyone on here had this to? And what did you do? Please help . Plus I'm pushing my family doctor to send me to a liver specialist

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  • Hi cat101 , first off hope you had a good Christmas . Well what your symptoms are and to what a friend of mine had .she was diagnosed with cirrhosis 6 yrs ago and has been sober ever since . Her regular scan showed up a little mass of her liver . So she sent to see her hepatologist who did a biopsy , she had a very small tumor on hero liver . She has medication but but not sure what it is , has regular 3 month scans . The growth is no bigger and she is Feeing fine . It has been going on a long time now since May . I would suggest being refered Again and ask for a second opinion . Let me know how you get on .. Happy new year . Linda

  • Hi Linda

    Sorry for not being on here much. I've been through so many test and it's very upsetting my Final test was another MRI and it's a bunina cyst on liver. But like I said this is my 3rd test. They said nothing is wrong with me well I think there is.. So I'm very upset with hospitals and doctors

  • Hi cat , don't need to apologise! Nice to hear from you .So you have a benign cyst on the liver ; well that's nothing to worry about , it's not a tumour at least

    I have been through more tests myself. Was told that I am now stage f4 .end stage disease 😐.was a bit of a shock as the only symptoms I suffer with is insomnia and fatigue. I will know more on 9th may when I have a scan and the results back from my bloods .don't let it get you down, we have no power over what we don't know will or will not happen. Don't waste your days worrying , do as I do. Eat healthy ; have the odd treat and enjoy each day even if it is a rubbish one I still go out my way to have a laugh. If you ever need to chat just message me

  • Insist on going to see a liver specialist (Hepatology Dept at your local hospital). You have every right under the NHS to have a second opinion and its not for you to push your doctor, its for him to follow through with your request for a second opinion from an expert. I had my gallbladder taken out and like yourself, still had pain. A second operation widened the opening at the end of the bile duct - and whoopee the pain disappeared. Apparently, this is very common - that more than one operation is necessary. Good luck