Late stage cirrhosis with wernickes - korosokof syndrome

Hi guys

My situation is that my mum has this condition. To cut a long story short she was living elsewhere and had 18kg of fluid removed by a drain due to ascites. I believe that amount to be correct as she weighed 58kg before and 40kg after drain. She has been suffering with confusion since around 24th August, in and out of hospital for various mental episodes. They just sent her home. Finally 3 weeks ago she went to hospital via ambulance and they've kept her in, giving iv vitamins. I mentioned wernickes to them a number of times. Now I think as treatment wasn't prompt it's moved on to koroskof. She's now not eating meals or drinking fluids. Does anyone else have experience of this? Does she have a chance of recovery mentally?

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  • Has she been officially diagnosed with WKS? I have never heard anything about that condition as it isn't a liver one but seems to be a rare condition due to thiamine deficiency. Had a read about it after seeing your post :-

    If she hasn't been diagnosed with WKS it is highly likely that with her advanced cirrhosis she is suffering from Hepatic Encephalopathy which is a condition which comes about due to toxins building up in the blood stream and affecting functioning of the brain. This can be a mild condition with memory issues, concentration difficulties etc. or can be very severe. HE can in some cases be helped by regular toiletting (most cirrhosis patients take lactulose to help with removal of toxins from body) and there is a newer medication Rifaximin - my husband takes both. He has mild HE symptoms due to his advanced cirrhosis.

    More information about Hepatic Encephalopathy can be found at:-

    Hope your mum gets some appropriate treatment soon.


  • Yes hope she gets good medical help soon.

    Don't be afraid to ask the medics questions. It sometimes prompts them to ask themselves these questions if there's a carer or relative with the patient.

  • Hi lou77 . Just came across your post . I too have Cirrosis . Since 2008 . I am not familiar with the WKS myself , but I was just wondering how things are now with your mum ?