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Flying with cirrhosis and antimalarials

I have a relative with suspected cirrhosis who is due to go on holiday soon. Is it safe to fly with liver cirrhosis and also can she take antimalarials? She's had conflicting advice from a liver specialist saying it's fine despite her platelets being 77 and a haematologist who said definitely don't take antimalarials as the platelets will drop further.

Everything has been booked and paid for but she's worried in case of traveller's diarrhoea or getting a chest infection...have heard that cirrhosis patients need immediate medical help.

Does anyone have any useful information or advice on this? It'd be much appreciated.

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Does she have full travel insurance to cover any health issues. If you declare cirrhosis it can be difficult to get the right cover. Her platelets are low, if it was me i would err on the side of caution and the advice of the haematologist, though obviously that puts her at risk of malaria - seems like its a situation where she has to decide how much of a risk she is prepared to take with her health for the sake of a holiday where getting there and staying safe is not straightforward.

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thanks for the advice



I agree with Bolly. To me my health is more important. I did manage to get insurance with pbc cirrhosis but was then not able to go sadly as had back problems and for which I have now been booked in to have a bone density scan as gp says bone density can change with cirrhosis

It was very disappointing as it was in Italy and we love it there, but now it is just a memory ....and life goes on, holidays are great, yes, but not worth the risk of life.


Many thanks for the advice.....she didn't go as she was too unwell and finally felt it was too much of a risk although she was deeply disappointed and has lost all the money as it was too late, but yes health is definitely more important. ... She has had cirrhosis confirmed with portal hypertension but the hospital follow up appointment is 2 months I'm not quite sure what advice to give as her weight is plummeting and no treatment plan has been outlined yet.

I didn't realize cirrhosis affects bone density....I will have to ask for a scan


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