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Hi help me please

Hi I'm 29 years old male height is 5 8" and overweight 14 stones. i had a routine blood text about 5 months ago everything came normal apart from liver enzymes, alt 109 then had another test after few weeks time and they were 126 then I went for ultrasound scan they told me I have a fatty liver my GP sent me for fibroscan , and the result was 6.9 kpa and doctor told me it's normal and wants my further blood tests to find out what causing high liver enzymes .im freaked out really worried 😰😨 Please tell me what to expect ? I'm having negative thoughts all the time what's gonna to happen .please help me thanks

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Hi Jabran, I'm similar age and height and was also around 14 stones. My enzymes were also raised ALT, AST and GGT. My fibroscan result was 6.7kpa, you can find the scales online but those levels aren't really normal and do suggest possible fibrosis.


you would need to have a liver biopsy to definitely determine what the cause is, but in my case I've been told it's just a fatty liver and with weight loss the liver will repair itself and the stiffness and inflammation will reduce. I would ask your GP to refer you to a hepatologist though - it's very important to see the correct doctor.

good luck


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