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hi can any one tell be about lft

hi i was taken in to hospital because i was in a lot of pain after having my gallbladder removed, had a blood test and my LFTs came back very high.My ALP was 444 and my alt 583, they are coming down now but still high, i had a blood test last week and now my Gamma GT is 148. I've just had a blood test to day and am now waiting to have a ultrasound. just want some one to say what this might mean as i'm worred

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Without all the rest of your blood test results, (ie albumin, bilirubin, full blood count, any other inflammatory marker tests that were done) the only thing these 3 results in isolation say is that your liver is inflamed. They dont diagnose what is causing the inflammation and an ultrasound should help with a diagnosis.

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If it helps Tracy my GammaGT has been over 1000 (Every Doc I see is amazed I can stand up) for approx. 1 yr.

Been in & around 6-700 for about 3yrs when a not so bright Consultant Gastroentro & my GP at the time gave me a Form DS1500 which states that in their opinions I have less than 6 mnths to live.

Was mopey(is that how u spell mopy) for a while then noticed that I was still alive & had been getting Lots & Lots of ££££££££££s.

Until 2 or 3 LFT give the same figures then I wouldn't worry myself as many Tablets can affect readings.

Good Luck



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