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winter leggings arggg!!

Why is it almost impossible to buy warm leggings that are not slim fit ? I know some specialist shops have them but those are expensive. Look on-line and you can find thermal, fleece lined, mink !! lined but all have slim fit .. and described as flattering slim thigh shape.. arggg . I ended up buying 26/28 fleece legging from Damart I normally take 20/22 so these are loose even around my seizable behind , luckily they do have a working draw string in the waist so am not in danger of loosing them . rant over :)

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Marks and spencer used to do some and Primark have them in a 20 which are quite a large fit, although they don't last very long!


Hi Jaberwocky, so many of us have the same problem - even normal trousers just don't fir!

Try these places - I have had some good buys. Firstly - Amazon, and a seller called ''Yours''. Just type in ''Leggings..plus size..Yours''. Then there is ''JD Williams'' and another site called ''Simply B''.

Wishing you luck...



I use yoga leggings /trousers they are in the same material as leggings but more of a boot cut or straight leg and I got mine from M&S last winter I don't know if they are still doing them


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