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Hi everyone

I need help. For years and years I have suffered with painful heavy aching legs, I also bruise like a peach by just the simplest of knocks. Aswel as this, Iv always been baffled why my body is so out of proportion, with my upper body being around a size 10 and my lower body a 14. My GP but my aching legs down to poor circulation and varicose veins. And Iv always put my out of proportion body down to me being "fat" and pear shaped. For YEARS I have been depressed about my body , trying diet after diet and excersise regimes, and although I "loose weight" and get smaller it's generally lost of my face, breast, shoulders etc. I stumbled across lipodema completely by accident , and I wanted to ask your opinion, is this me??? Have I got lipodema!?!? Help!!!!!

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If you presented in my clinic for assessment I'm afraid the answer is likely to be 'yes'. There would be a few more questions and physical examination (diagnosis over the internet is not advised), but your story and body shape are typical for Lipoedema. Get yourself the Best Practice Document from Lipoedema UK and ask your GP to study it and refer you to a Lymphoedema Clinic. You are not alone.

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