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I have been dealing with lymphedema for at least ten years. Went from therapist to therapist for years. Finally found a really great one. Lately I have trouble walking and I wonder if that could have anything to do with the lymphedema. Has anyone got thoughts or experiences on this? Am going the "doctor route," and about to see the last one. It could be arthritis (not RA). It is not MS or Parkinson's. Appreciate any information about this.

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Hi. I notice your post has come up on the Lipoedema part of the forum. Do you have Lipoedema or Lymphoedema (or both)? Ladies with Lipoedema do seem to have muscle weakness as the condition progresses and this is one of the reasons it is so important to exercise and keep the muscles strong. Of course anyone of us can develop arthritis and many patients with Lymphoedema have it, but probably just part of the aging process. Heavy legs can make it difficult to walk and if the swelling is one-sided will adversely affect your gait. Keeping the swelling under control with your compression hosiery and movement will all help, but this is from a therapist's perspective. I am sure you will get more useful answers from the supporters of this forum who are in a similar situation to you.


Thanks, this is the first mention of the possibility of lipoedema. Will study up on this. Muscle weakness is something I have to learn to conquer. Soon I see an arthritis specialist and then physical therapy. Live and learn, and thanks to these forums I feel more confident about knowing what my condition is and how to handle it.


I have lipoedema and do have walking problems which have got worse - my knees hurt a lot in particular but I do try to get exercise which helps as long as it is not too much. Standing too long can also be a problem.

Over the years it was getting up and down stairs which have been a problem and I liken my walk and stair climbing to looking like toddlers way of getting about


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