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Getting somewhere!

Thankyou to all who commented on my last post for your helpful and positive comments. I have now had my blood test which as expected didn't show anything, but last week I had my first appointment with a lymphodema/lipoedema practitioner, she was so lovely and so very helpful and understanding, I took one step into her office and the first thing she said to me was 'you've got lipoedema' in a way it was a relief to hear her say it but also although I knew I had it for someone to just come out with it so bluntly was also a bit of a shock! She talked to me for over an hour and explained about compression garments, the importance of exercise and diet, the possibility of being referred to St George's hospital for more help etc and the Lipeodema UK conference in October. I am now waiting for my compression tights, going to look into the Keto diet and book my ticket for the conference...what a difference it makes to have a little help and understanding by the right person. Good luck to anyone waiting for an appointment, it really will help to talk to someone xxx

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That is wonderful that you are finally being listened to and understood! Good luck on your progress.


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