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Lipodema and thyroid disorders

Hi everybody. I am new to this group, didn't know you existed until I saw a story on Facebook about lipodema. I've just seen a message from someone about lipodema and thyroid disorder, and wanted to reply but couldn't find you again, sorry! I hope you will see this. I was actually born without my thyroid gland or a large proportion of it so have always taken thyroxine (175mcg daily) and always will. I wonder how many of you may have an under active thyroid and if this might be a common denominator in lipodema, as both usually affects women...? Also, I have just asked my GP to refer me to a dermatologist but I don't think the local hospital, The Great Western in Swindon, Wiltshire, has any specialists in the lipodema field. Could I ask my GP to redirect me to one of the specialists mentioned on the lipodema group's website or should my hospital's dermatologist do this? Thanks all and nice to meet you! Mai

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Hi Mai. Yes I have a under active thyroid as well as Lipoedema lymphoedema and haemochromatosis all these I have found out that they are genetic. I got my gp to refer me after I email local hospitals. If you go onto the NHS web site print the info and take that with you to your consultant and gp because a lot of doctors and consultants do not know about it. GPs are so very busy that they don't have time to research these conditions. Good luck 🌺


I also have an under-active thyroid and of course osteoarthritis in my knees , otherwise I feel fit and well


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