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Struggling to find a clinic - Berkshire

My GP diagnosed me and referred to a specialist lymphoedema clinic in oxford. It's not that but the consultant said it could be lypoedema based on the shape of my legs. They're not cold to touch but my bottom and tops of my legs are.

I'm struggling to find anywhere near me to get checked and for some advise. I'm happy to pay to go private as I'm miserable! My legs are big (look almost puffy at the bottom) bruise easily and sometimes it looks horriffic; I get sores behind my knee, aching knees, chaffing of thighs and just feel really uncomfortable and restricted. Also low in mood.

Please can anyone help me with information about clinics?

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Good morning. I have just found on in the Luton and Dunstable hospital. I don't know if this is any good. I found out because I emailed all my local hospitals first asking them if they have a Lipoedema clinic. They don't advertise it. So try this course of action you maybe surprised as there maybe one nearer to you.

Good luck


Try Dr Karri in Yorkshire or Dr Dancey in Birmingham. They are the Lipoedema experts in the U.K.!


Dearlauren I attend the Oxford lymphoedema clinic .You just need to ask your Dr. to refer you.JuneMartin is the nurse in charge ands she and all the staff are excellent.They arebased in the Churchill Hospital in Oxford.Hope youget an appointment.Thereisa waiting list but well worth waiting for.All the best.AnneA22a


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