Faulty genes

Faulty genes

Hi all I have just sign up and wanted to see how you deal with this condition. I have had tree trunk legs and arms all my life. I have struggled to get trousers and tops to fit me. I have to buy 1 or 2 sizes bigger.

I heard a lady on this morning describe her body image and I thought she is talking about me. so I look it up and low and behold that is me. I also saw that it is genetic and I also suffer from a iron overload and arthritis which again is genetic.

Any advise would be appreciated

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  • Hi Barbara your photo is upside down hun lol 😀 have you been to your gp about this, or hospital? I've just had 1st appointment still confused 🤔xx

  • Hi. I suggest you google 'lipoedema' and look at the lipoedema U.K. Page. The NHS recognises the condition and treats it using compression garments and advising lifestyle choices - but it does not respond to diets per se or to exercise. The only cure is to get rid of the rogue fat cells via a special lymph- sparing liposuction- but you would have to fund this yourself, the NHS does not fund it. Do some research and contact me again with any questions.

  • Thank you Cathy. I will keep you updated

  • No as I don't see him for another 3 weeks but rest assured I am going to ask him about it

  • I have also had tree trunk legs all my life. The look of shock and disgust I got from children when I use to go swimming made me feel like an alien! Disgusting and degraded all my life. I am in my fifty's.

  • I am 68 and I thought that as my mum and nan had the same condition I just to live with it. I even wear a cardigan in the summer and trousers so people can't see the real me

  • It is a hereditary condition.

  • Please go to your GP and get diagnosed and ask for a referral to a lymphoedema clinic, this is where you can get a proper diagnosis of Lipoedema and get measured for compression garments.

    Also if you are on Facebook there is another group that I would advise you join called Talk Lipoedema, there you will find links to information about the disease and some that you can take to your gp as many are not aware of Lipoedema and will try to correct you by saying it's not lymphoedema ... they are 2 different diseases and a lymphoedema clinic is where they know what the differences are.

    Good luck

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