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Meet Henry

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Spot Leukaemia News!!!

Us and Leukaemia UK are excited to launch our new Spot Leukaemia video which aims to make the signs and symptoms the most memorable yet! Introducing Henry!

He’s here to make the signs and symptoms of leukaemia memorable. In the video, you will see Henry the Macaw parrot as he creates a ‘Spot Leukaemia rap’ highlighting the top three most common symptoms of leukaemia: fatigue, bruising, bleeding, and infections.Find out more at

Watch the video here:

PLEASE NOTE: This is a public awareness campaign and the aim is to raise awareness of the symptoms of leukaemia, so that people are diagnosed sooner. #SpotLeukaemia

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Oh, I am in love with Henry already, he gets the message across in an eye catching way and so clearly. Brilliant Leukaemia Care

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